Bachelor in Business Administration – Hospitality Management (Level 6) [SOBS/BIBA/06]


Wilmington Metropolitan University, in collaboration with the Consortium of East West International College, proudly offers a distinctive Diploma in Hotel Management program. This initiative seamlessly integrates the esteemed Swiss Philosophy of Hospitality Education with universally acknowledged best practices in hospitality and management.

Students embark on a comprehensive journey, starting with foundational concepts and practices. As they progress, they transition towards the culmination of their academic journey, leading to a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (Hospitality Management). This meticulously crafted pathway ensures that learners not only acquire theoretical knowledge but also gain substantial real-world experience. All specific details and nuances of the program are meticulously outlined at Diploma in Hotel Management – East West International College.¬†


  1. Diverse Curriculum: This comprehensive program ensures students are well-versed in various sectors of the hospitality industry, ranging from operations to accounting.
  2. Practical Exposure: Experience hands-on training at leading hotels, participate in seminars by industry leaders, and undertake field trips to broaden your perspective.
  3. Future Prospects: Completing the program paves the way to the Top-UP Bachelor in Business Administration (Hospitality Management) at Wilmington Metropolitan University, boosting your career potential.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of hotel and hospitality industry operations.
  • Build a foundation in business, management, marketing, economics, and accounting.
  • Develop problem-solving, analytical, and critical thinking abilities.
  • Acquire leadership and teamwork skills through problem and project-based learning.
  • Benefit from real-world experiences and industry insights.

Duration and Progression:

The integrated journey from the Diploma in Hospitality Management to achieving the Bachelor in Business Administration (Hospitality Management) is meticulously designed to be completed within a span of 36 months. This timeframe is optimized to ensure students receive a comprehensive and immersive experience throughout their academic progression.

Student Attributes:

To maximize the benefits of this program and to meet the rigorous standards set by our consortium and Wilmington Metropolitan University, prospective students must demonstrate the following attributes:

  • English Proficiency: Given the global nature of the hospitality industry, students must possess strong command over the English language, both in written and spoken forms. This ensures effective communication, critical for a thriving career in hospitality management.
  • Positive Attitude: The world of hospitality thrives on service excellence. As such, students should exhibit a proactive attitude, eagerness to learn, and a genuine passion for serving others. A can-do spirit and a willingness to go the extra mile are attributes that will significantly benefit students in this field.
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